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DTBA Construction approach is that every employee is a key to success. The company strives to chase knowledge to enable its employees to reach their highest potential. Knowledge is the key value within DTBA. Therefore, the company seeks to build partnerships on the basis of providing a quality service.

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The Story

DTBA Construction was established in 2015 after the founding of an entrepreneurial partnership and the idea to link its services between Lithuania and Sweden. DTBA has opened a human resource department in Lithuania – DTBA Group, which trades as DTBA Recruitment. DTBA Recruitment’s aim is to deliver a more effective selection and recruitment process for DTBA Construction and to provide a more reliable service for job-seekers who wish to work abroad within the construction industry.

The trade relationship between Sweden and Lithuania has continued to grow, with Sweden being the main investor into the country. For this particular reason, and that Swedes are considered to be some of the happiest people in the world, employment opportunities in Sweden are of great interest for ambitious young professionals seeking an international experience as well as for skilled workers who are looking to deepen their knowledge in a new market or obtain better paid employment.

According to research conducted in 2015 by Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, Stockholm is the fastest growing city in Europe. With the city’s escalation comes growing multiculturalism and strengthening development towards a universal approach to foreign human capital.

The Goal

DTBA’s organisational purpose is to create a service that partly fills a growing demand for construction services within the Stockholm metropolitan area, as well as to provide quality employment opportunities for Lithuanian jobseekers abroad. The company’s goal is to create an organisational relationship between management and employees, where education and integration into society is the key aspect in order to gain each employee’s sense of belonging and continuing commitment to the organisation. This sense of commitment results in greater employee satisfaction, professional performance and a sustainable structure for the company.

DTBA Construction approach is that every employee is a key to success. The company strives to chase knowledge to enable its employees to reach their highest potential. Knowledge is the key value within DTBA. Therefore, the company seeks to build partnerships on the basis of providing a quality service and gaining the opportunity to broaden and acquire a greater insight into the Swedish construction market.

Drywall instalations

The beginning

After over a year that we have been open to business we had realised that the next step forward is the enrolment into the public contractual work. However being a startup there was a great bit of road to cover before we could be considered as a potential service provider.

January 16th 2017 management has taken decision to start certification process for the International standard of environmental management ISO 14001:2015 and quality management ISO 9100:2015. Under 10 months period, that it has taken to prepare for the external audit, measures had been undertaken to standardise practices at the organisations. That included revision of the daily routines and the processes undertaken by construction team, office staff and the management.

Creation of the routines ensured that the legal requirements set by the governmental agencies and the industry officials are followed at all times. Also shaping of the policies such as environmental policy, quality policy and work environment policy secured that companies strive towards more than following of the book of rules.

November 24th DTBA Construction providing building construction cervices and DTBA Group providing recruitment of personell services have been granted certifications by Svensk Certifiering Norden AB.

The process

Just before ISO certification on the 14th of November 2017 DTBA Construction AB has become a member of Byggnads workers union and enrolled into collective bargaining agreement.

Following are the projects undertaken during the end of the year 2017 and the year of 2018: New Karolinska Hospital, Grow Hotell, Gränby staden, Kv. Rosendal – BRF Grindstugan. 

Expectation for the future projects is to be able to have a positive impact in the society byproviding the service in a real-estate market where the shortage of the housing is real and inevitable with the growing population. The reasoning behind the willingness to take steps forwards to the public contractual work is also to ensure the stability for our organisation and its employees as well as be part of the community working for the same goal.

Business services

To expand the range of services company provides as well as to enroll ourselves into interesting projects with innovative entrepreneurs DTBA has undertaken a number of projects in a partnership with companies from various backgrounds.

Under the year of 2018 company had a chance to continuously work alongside interior designers, real estate management company Stayaround and a clothing brand Movesgood.

Working together with the Stayaround has given us a change to have an impact into shaping of a nowadays modern working space, as well as has broaden our understanding of a fast pace coworking environment where traditional working spaces are in need of adjustment to adapt to the changing culture of a day-to-day office work.

Same notion of the fast pace operation can be applied to Movesgood. Company behind the brand name has chosen the concept of a pop-up store to market their clothing. The benefit of the pop-up store being the flexibility to change location to the currently most desired as well as to constantly adjust to the needs of the customer. Over the year of 2018 DTBA has helped to build and assemble pop-up stores in Täby shopping centerMall of Scandinavia as well as at the International Arlanda airport Terminal 5.

Reconstructions and renovations

An additional structure to the property or a reconstruction of a current layout can greatly increase living space and considerably enlarge property value. Under the year of 2017-2018 DTBA has undertaken various reconstruction, remodelling and renovation projects where the goal was to reach both the increase of square footage and added property value.

The Process

By choosing DTBA as a main contractor customers ensure themselves that subcontractors delivering parts of the project will be qualified and approved by our company’s standards which follow ISO qualifications and our policies.

As a main contractor DTBA provides a broad range of services as well as has a list of approved subcontractors which enable company to deliver the project from the very start to the very end.

Our services include: architectural blueprints; construction permit application; technical consultations; landscaping; concrete work; building construction and isolation; electrical installations; ventilation and plumbing; tiling; carpentry and painting. For our certifications please visit Credentials page. For actual projects and reference pictures please visit our Facebook page.

Botell Volta

The Facts

Project owner: Sisyfos Gruppen

Project type: reconstruction and renovation.

Project length: May 2016 – April 2017.

Building type: 1918 administrative building.

Building size: 2,300 m2.

Outcome type: compact living apartments..

Outcome size: 82 apartments, 9 m2 – 25 m2.

For more information about Botell Volta, please visit the official website:

The Project

DTBA Construction AB has undertaken the Botell Volta reconstruction and renovation project, which was delivered in two stages within a year, with half of the building dedicated for each stage. At the start of the project, 80% of the construction team delivered the tasks for stage 1, while the remaining 20% were enrolled in preparation work for stage 2. The team had a chance to engage in every part of the project from demolition of the building’s structures to seeding plants and enrolling in completing the project with the application of the interior design features.

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Botell Volta

The Experience

Botell Volta taught the DTBA team to assess the value of the building by taking into consideration multiple variables, mainly knowledge about the building, the history of the community that can be found under the old structures and learning about the previous uses of the building.

Prior to the start of the project, the administrative building was arranged into numerous spaces, each of which stood for a different purpose ranging from offices of various types, studios to storage spaces. Modern constructions needed to be demolished so that the foundations of the building could be accessed. During the demolition of those spaces, the vision of many businesses and their understanding of the working environment was touched on. There were also several exciting discoveries.

During stage 2 of the project, aged wooden pillars were found under the plywood plaster walls. The wooden pillars were damaged and needed to be restored to their original shape. One can understand Lithuania’s relationship with wood from historiographic sources as well as traditional practices.

This understanding and the sentiment for it is embedded into Lithuanian culture. Therefore, the restoration process and the bringing of new functionality to it, as an interior design feature within the space, was truly rewarding for the team.

Also during stage 2, when ventilation shaft was opened up, an original advertising poster for Volta vacuum cleaners was found. The poster was painted on a masonite hardboard and is estimated to date from around 1925.

The Result

As living spaces are becoming smaller, the attention to the detail is becoming greater. With this notion in mind, every space that the team worked on was not only replicated with the same quality but also handled individually: assessing each space and considering it as a unique area, by which the efforts will be judged. DTBA did not have the possibility to choose their own materials for the project, but the quality of work and the way it was delivered depended entirely on the team.

Reconstructing the building into a hotel means that many people will critically value the work that has been done. This has shown the team that they must not only look to the overall success of the project, but also concentrate on every single detail that they engage with as individual and equally important.


The Facts

Project owner: Sisyfos Gruppen

Project type: reconstruction and renovation.

Project length: 2015 – 2018.

Anstaltshöjden buildings’ type: rental apartment building.

Anstaltshöjden total size: 1,400 m2.

Outcome type: right-to-own apartments.

Outcome size: 28 apartments, 17 m2 – 54 m2.

For more information about Venngarn, please visit the official website:

The Project

Starting in 2015, DTBA Construction AB has undertaken reconstruction and renovation projects at Venngarns Slott alongside the project owner. Project owner a company which specialises in the remodelling and restoration of buildings or parts of the buildings that can be identified as embedding the impression of tradition and in a manner that preserves longstanding Scandinavian heritage.

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The Experience

In many instances when renovating a building, several improvements in certain areas are needed for the building to be brought back into use. In Anstalshöjden, the main project DTBA has undertaken in Venngarn, that was not the case. Many layers needed to be stripped down to reach the brick core of the building. From that point on, all the internal structures that were not load-bearing the building were reconstructed. The building was transformed from the cellars up to the attics. The plan behind the transformation was to create an arrangement that allows as much daylight to reach the interior of the building at all times. So that occupants could enjoy daylight and fresh air, the building was also modernised with velux cabrio balcony windows and external terraces.

Keeping in mind the exclusivity of Venngarns Slott and its location, the team have spent a generous amount of time putting extra effort into the surrounding areas of the Venngarn neighbourhood. The alleys with hundreds of years old trees were rejuvenated, dead trees were taken down and the space used for new plantings. Shrubs were thinned and new plants were seeded into the ground. The surface of the ground was levelled and new pathways created for visitors to enjoy the unique environment.

Lithuanians since the olden days have enjoyed a deeply interconnected relationship with nature and trees in particular, worshipping oak and considering it as a home of gods and a place of prayers for the ordinary. Needless to say, the connection with the nature has remained as one of the values in our culture and any gardening is thoroughly enjoyed by the team.

DTBA has also had an input in the following projects at Venngarn: Stenladan, Vagnslidret, Hus utan Sladd, Ängsbacken, Brännvinsstuga and Musteri.

The Result

Reconstruction and renovation is exactly what DTBA thrives on. For construction entrepreneurs, there is no greater way to gain knowledge, as much as opportunity, to access an understanding of the culture and history of buildings in Sweden, through involvement in projects that are not only shaping the future of the communities, but also maintain the elements of the past.


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For more information about the established policies at the DTBA please read: Environmental policy, Quality policy, HR policy.


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